Yakima and Terrace Heights

Regional Transportation Improvements

Yakima aerial

East-West Corridor

This project will provide an alternative river crossing transportation corridor to connect the growing neighborhood of Terrace Heights to the City of Yakima and relieve congestion along Yakima Avenue and at other intersections in the city. The corridor will connect with the improvements on H Street in the City of Yakima and continue eastward under I-82 and across the Yakima River. There will be access to I-82 from the new corridor. Its eastern terminus will be at Butterfield Road. The new corridor will open up opportunity for new public transit routes, improved emergency response times, and non-vehicular transportation. The East-West Corridor project will involve substantial improvements to the Yakima River floodplain to mitigate for the new bridge. Floodplain restoration efforts will include levee setbacks, removal of non-native vegetation, revegetation with native woody species, installation of habitat structures, woody debris, and channel widening.

East West Corridor Map

The floodplain restoration work will help prevent flood damage to properties adjacent to the river as well as improve salmon habitat.

Yakima River Flood 2011
Yakima River Flood May 2011

Project Milestones

Spring 2014 Summer 2014 Fall 2014 Spring 2015
County to review preliminary plans Finalize preliminary plans Draft environmental discipline reports Complete agency consultation
Conduct environmental scoping notice and meetings Finalize preliminary cost estimate Prepare preliminary environmental documents for stakeholder review Finalize environmental reports and documents
Develop preliminary right-of-way plans Prepare National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) document