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Welcome to the gateway of the regional transportation improvement projects for the City of Yakima and Terrace Heights where you can find project information, development updates, and provide feedback.

The projects discussed here are part of the region-wide comprehensive transportation improvement goals for Yakima County. They will improve connectivity, accessibility, traffic mobility, and the economy in the vicinity of the City of Yakima and the neighborhood of Terrace Heights. Improvements to the transportation network are desperately needed due to the high rates of projected population growth over the next 20 years.

The Yakima River poses a natural barrier to travel between the City of Yakima and the Terrace Heights neighborhood. The Yakima Avenue/Terrace Heights Drive corridor is currently the only east-west route between these urban areas. As population growth continues, congestion and delays will increase along this corridor and a alternative connection is needed. Growth in the area will also include the long-awaited development at the old Cascade mill site at the northeast corner of the City. Planned development at this site necessitates construction of a better local access network as well as connections to I-82.